You are currently viewing Century: 1.2023.0703.01 and status report

Century: 1.2023.0703.01 and status report

It’s 2 years ago I did the last Century status report and a year ago I last updated the app

Changelog 1.2023.0703.01:

  • Added Dutch translation(thanks to Xonastar)
  • Small fixes to Danish, Spanish and English texts
  • Reworked money function to use your local currency

(warning technical stuff ahead)

In open source localization project:

  • Upgraded unit test target framework
  • Fixed broken unit tests

In Century:

  • Upgraded a number of packages
  • Upgraded Android target version
  • Added more content labelling for google
  • Added new requirements from google to permissions


  • Upgraded and fixed issues in build pipeline
  • Upgraded and fixed issues in release pipeline
  • Regenerated expiring API keys

Status report 2023

In 2020 I wrote a number of goals for century looking ahead. I will revisit some of these:

  • Xamarin Android simulator: This was a big issue back then. It works now. Development is easier. Yay!
  • Responsive design: This will have to wait for the day I make Century 2 in another technology stack (Maybe MAUI?)
  • Multiplayer: This will also have to wait until Century 2
  • Open source: I have slowly started open sourcing parts of Century. I did this with translations. I was planning on doing this even more, but to be honest, this first thing hasn’t been as successful as I hoped. The community has helped translate to German, Indonesian, Russian and Dutch. But GitHub seems to be too technical for the community.

So what is the actual future plan for Century?

Well, my focus now is on rewriting Charango Master, so until then Century updates are on hold.

I can’t promise anything, but I would like to do one more update to Century in 2023. Would mostly be package upgrades, language fixes and small bug fixes.

Thank you for your support. The Century community on discord is the best.

All the best,